Not Just An App and Web Ordering and Booking System
But Also A Fully Integrated Cloud EPOS Solution

In Today's World A Mobile App On Its Own
Is Not The Solution You Need

What You Need Is A Comprehensive Solution
For Growing Your Customers
Adoption of Your App

For Managing Orders And Reservations And
Automating Status Changes and Intelligent Customer Notifications

You Need A System That Is;
Flexible And Easy To Use By Your staff
Fully Supported both Directly And Within The Community

For Marketing To Your App Customers Every Week
To Ensure That Your Customers Use Your App
And Not Your Competitors' Apps

What You Do Not Need Is
An App Solution That Is Just An App On A Monthly Subscription.
Such An Offer To You By Our Competitors
Reflects A Lack Of Understanding Of Your Complex Business Processes

You Need This Meticulously Considered Solution
That Can Run Many Complex Scenarios
Such As Franchisee / Franchisor Relationships
..........and so much more.

Get It Before Your Competitors Do.

Your Mobile App? YES

Your Branding ? YES

And Your Customers Pay Direct to Your Bank Account? YES

Cuts Out The Middleman Profit??? YES YES YES

This System Removes Aggregator Profits And
Provides You The Automated Marketing Tools You Need

Yes. This App Is Your App
We are only interested in
Providing You The Tools And On The Go Mobile Support
To Promote your Business Not Ours.
Your Sales Go To Your Bank Account
Not Ours

Your App, Your Branding, Marketing Direct From Your YoYummy App Order
and Reservation System

Set Up Fee Payable Only When Your App is Created (usually 48 hrs) and Approved By You
£395.00 + vat for the UK $595 for USA and other for countries
charges are based on local currency.
Or we can guide you through the App Creation Process and you pay nothing.

Your Monthly Costs Can Be Configured to Nearly Zero.
After 5000 Orders within 24 Months we refund your set up fees.

These are some more FAQs

Can We Manage All Your Marketing For Your Business?

And If Yes - All You have to do is approve it and plan it with your dedicated relationship manager?

That is correct if that is what you want.
We only make money when
You Win Business

The choice is yours, if you wish this type of support contract we will help you to create campaigns for up to 12 months in advance if you require.
You will have your own dedicated team either with us
or someone of your choice promoting your business.

It's in Our Best Interest To Ensure Your Sales Rocket As We Only Make Money When You Do.

Features; 24/7 support 365

No Tie In Monthly Subscriptions

That's The Way Business Should Be

And You get a solution that provides Automated Loyalty YES


Can You configure Discounts on selected Days
for Selected Branches? YES

And can Your customers rate Your staff and can You rate the customer? YES

Yes that is totally correct,
however you get many more features than those you mention

Intelligent Notifications to Customers, Sms Marketing, A Free Email Marketing System that grows your mailing list Supporting systems for App Launch Marketing and for converting Aggregator Orders into own App Orders.

After all, If we can save you $3.75 £2.25 €3.5 on every order

over a week that adds up to a lot.

If we can win you More Orders of Greater Value and More Frequently then we will have achieved together success from which

you are the major beneficiary unlike aggregator systems.

Every Order Can have Net Cost To You of just nearly
0.00 (pennies, cents) if You configure the system this way

You can make settings
so the App Hosting and Management System Is Totally Free by adding what we charge you to the small transaction fee that you charge your customers.

What about delivery drivers:
Do they have an App to locate their destination ? YES

And can your customers see their location if you allow it? YES

And importantly can you keep track of the cash that
delivery drivers collect in every shift? YES

The Answers are Yes Yes and Yes
There is a separate functionality dedicated to in house delivery drivers. There are also specific cash handling reports.

Soon we will be launching your ability to sub contract delivery to local firms automatically from each branch's system.

Not only these functions exist; because this is a global system your customers can choose the language that your app displays in even if you have determined a different language.

To discover more why not sign up for a Free Mobile App for your business
There is a comprehensive help section that explains everything together with a global forum specifically tailored for your needs and also tailored separately for your internal users.
Using our Global partners within our collaborative workspace and workflow management system we should have your App ready to launch by this time tommorrow

The Proof To What We Say Sits Behind The Button Below

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